I am by all accounts now a middle aged man and at least slightly overweight or under-height, whichever you prefer. The kids have moved out, or on the way (I hope). I have tried dozens of sports either competitively or for fun, and sailing in the Finnish archipelago is definitely the best thing you can imagine.

I started making homepages in early 2000, when it was quite difficult to find decent info on html, and definitely no easy apps or editors were available. So, I had to do some html coding, which I’ve obviously forgotten. Now it’s a lot easier with WordPress themes and widgets for this and that. The only thing I miss, is formatted tables. Even though I’ve succeeded to use html for that, I’ve opted not to have tables, at least for now.

This blog started mainly to keep our parents updated during our summer travels. Since then, I hope I’ve evolved somewhat, both in writing skills and technological knowhow. Blogging for the pleasure of creativity, searching the path to virtuosity. Hopefully, most of the thoughts are mine, but obviously all great ideas have to be spread as far and wide as possible.

All references to products or specific brands are completely by choice and are paid for by my own, hard earned and heavily taxed euros. However, as a former marketing executive, I am open to all kinds of things to try out.

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