Museum tour episodes 4 and 5

I was a little bit sneaky this week when I was away by myself. All the way to Tampere. In between two meetings I snuck off to Vapriikki which is close by our office. 

 Vapriikki is a museum centre that offers things to see and do for the whole family and is situated on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids. On Wednesday I only had time for a quick visit, so I stopped by the special exhibition Giants of the Ice Age and the Postal museum. 

The Ice Age exhibition displayed fossils and replicas of mammoths, tigers and bears. A few very interesting artistic objects were also shown. These mimicked animals as well. 

After this, I whisked through the Post museum which displayed how the post office has developped in the past four hundred years. Due to my time constraint, I only skimmee through. I really have to go back, maybe even next week. 


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