Bosphorus cruise

What would a visit to Istanbul be without a cruise on the Bosphorus? We had promised the guy next to Topkapi Palace that we would return when it is sunnier. and so we did, but the same guy wasn’t around. I was still able to haggle the price of our cruise down to the rainy day-price, despite protests from the new guy.

We had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to treat Jaana to some chestnuts, since she had never tasted any. Not bad, was the verdict.




Even though it was nice and sunny, a cold and rather brisk wind was blowing. It was necessary to have all warm clothes on during this tour.

And the day ended in a spectacular sunset. Taking these shots, I partly wished that I was at Pierre Loti, looking over the Golden Horn, instead of shooting into the sun. Only partly.


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