Museum tour episode 6

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Tampere again. This time I had decided to stay the night so I wouldn’t have to get up so early for the next mornings meeting.

The Lenin museum is still being renovated, so I decided that the Finnish Labour Museum, Werstas, would be a great substitute, especially since some of the Lenin Museum artefacts were on display at Werstas.

The main exhibition has some interesting things, basically from the birth of the working class in Finland. The textile industry was a leader in this. The workers were mainly young women from poor villages in the Tampere region. There were thousands of working women, and a large part of these never got married. With a stable income these women had an independent life and a reasonable standard of living.

Flyer spinningmachine 1880s
Union membership cards and booklets
First automated embroidery machine 1930s

Werstas_10 Werstas_5 Werstas_2 Werstas_13 Werstas_11

Solidarity among workers was strong, and some even left for Spain during the civil war. Here are some posters from that era.

Werstas_16 Werstas_8 Werstas_4

Posters were definitely an important part of the education of the people in the Soviet Union as well as a way to shape opinions. Posters were used throughout the Soviet era.

The male and female anatomy- that is all you need to know! Our offspring learns at the disco how children are born.


Library and disco: Here great knowledge lives a humble life- and here weak talent is playing rock.

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