Kärdla 17.7.2016

Sunday morning turned out completely different from Saturday night. Some rain and no sun. We had over 40 miles to cover so we had decided to leave before nine.

Before leaving, the skipper had to tend to some fatherly duties. Late at night, an SMS message had come to tell us that the neighbourhood had been disturbed by loud noises.Playing boardgames with a couple of beers causes a lot of noise…

Aliena led the way out of port with us close behind. The drizzle moistened the skippers glasses as he pulled in reef 2 on the main and didn’t let out the genoa completely. We made good speed in a westerly 8-11 m/s wind.Since we were in the shelter of Muhu and Hiumaa there weren’t any waves to speak of. Soon the sun started to shine and we could even let the reefed sails all out and charge ahead at 7-8 knots. Soon after rounding the eastern tip of Hiumaa, we had to turn west. Turning upwind and into the waves for the last ten miles wasn’t that much fun. We slammed into the waves and water kept splashing over the deck. We only had one casualty for the day. Just 13 years of active service…

Captain's hands have power..
Captain’s hands have power..

We made it to the lovely harbour of Kärdla late in the afternoon and the dogs were obviously happy to have terra firma under their paws. We enjoyed a lovely bottle of Moet & Chandon before going to our farewell dinner at the harbour restaurant. Great food, fun company. Can one ask for more? It would have been nice if the restaurant hadn’t been rolling around all the time. After a couple of drinks, it seemed to settle…

We had no real need, but decided to take a taxi to the supermarket to fill up on some bread, yoghurt and booze. The evening was rounded off with a beautiful sauna and looking at the sun setting on a calm sea. The newest forecast for Monday didn’t bode well. Really calm weather and at least the morning would be spent motoring….

For a great port, safe and shielded from winds with good facilities and service, Kärdla can definitely be recommended. Compared to some ports, the 30 euros per night might seem a little bit expensive, but if you’re complaining you should have stayed at home.

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  1. I loved Kärdla too – we even rented a car and drove around the island for a measly 30 euros. Great service in the marina – the only downside was that there were no washing machines.. at least yet!

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