Snappertuna 19-21.7.2016

For the past few years we’ve been lucky enough to lay at anchor in a secluded bay on our way back home. At this spot the service is great. A tender fetches us for R & R ashore and we get pampered like nothing you know.

This year we sailed off From Hangö immediately after Jaana came back from the chemist with Lolas new thyroid medicine. The vet had called in the prescription so that it would be ready immediately when we got to Finland.

The sailing weather was quite good, we made it almost all the way before the wind practically died down before turning right against us. The morning rush eastward was considerable and we were leading the pack. Only a few 40 footers passed us by sail. And it felt good.

Morning rush
Morning rush

Wining, dining, some gaming and a quick visit to Ekenäs for some lunch and pastries. Our host and hostess took great care of us!

And sometimes my shots of a full moon actually turn out ok.

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