Monday morning started with a bright blue sky and we swung by St.Peter’s square on our way to Trastevere. We have not sinned, but we found ourselves on the road for penitents anyway. It led us towards the Tiber in the beautiful sunlight.

Ponte Sisto

I thought that most museums would be closed on Monday. They might have been, but not the ones we found, Villa Farnesina and Palazzo Corsini. What luck, Villa Farnesina was really beautiful. Maybe I was already a bit tired when we went to Palazzo Corsini, but I didn’t find it as fascinating. Maybe it just was too many paintings for one day.

Obviously we had to check out the “main” church in Trastevere, Basilica di Santa Maria before stopping for a proper lunch.

After lunch, Palazzo Corsini offered one new piece of information. If I was buried in the past, I could say that this is where my queen died. Even though by this time she had created scandals by abdicating and turning to catholicism.


Our visit to Trastevere was brief, but left us with an appetite for more. We continued to Campo de’ Fiori just in time to see the last of the market keepers closing down and cleaning up after the days’ work.

One thing that really caught my eye, was the statue in the middle. I am sure that in creating different characters for movies the writers, directors, art directors and the rest, really just copy old masters. Or is it just my imagination that says that this emperor Palpatine fro Star Wars? And George Lucas knows wordplay, or what would you make of it that the Palatine Hill is just a stones throw away?

Giordano Bruno or Emperor Palpatine?

Moving on from the market, we wandered off without purpose. And just then we found ourselves in a wonderful little street with quaint little art shops.

We had an idea of buying a small Panettone and we actually looked at some delicious ones in the morning, somewhere. The idea of carrying something extra around for ten hours wasn’t so appealing and we let it go. Now, of course when you finally start looking for it again, you won’t find it. After walking up and down the streets and asking around in some panetterias and pasticcerias, we had to settle for a normal sized version. Normal being around one kilo and high enough to make it difficult to pack in the suitcase and being sure to crush it along the way. I was still betting on finding something at the airport, and wasn’t disappointed at all.

After another 18 km of walking we finally made it back to the room for the last bottle of Chianti for this trip.

Chianti classico



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