Lanzarote, a cultural experience

We can basically se the southern tip of Lanzarote from our hotel, so it was a no-brainer to decide to pop over. The ferry only takes about half an hour, and we had decided to take an arranged tour. That was definitely the right decision.

We hiked over to the port for the 8:40 rendezvous with our tour guide who gave us our ferry tickets and instructions for the day. The bus would pick us up on the other side. We were the only ones coming from Fuerteventura this morning.

We had two main attractions for the day, the Los Volcanes Natural Park in the Timanfaya Natural Park, and the home of artist César Manrique. The building is now the headquarters of the César Manrique Foundation, basically a museum. since these two places were of great interest, I’ll do separate postings for each.

First we headed off to the volcanoes where we were met by natural wonders and stories of catastrophes. After the tour, we headed of to the “town” of Teguise where we had a short break. The most noteworthy attraction we had time for was the church. This far away from the Pope, on a small island, one could see that the chosen style for churches is simplicity. A good alternative to the exuberant versions found on mainland Europe, especially Italy.

After the break, we carried on towards César Manrique place. An hours worth of cultural, architectonic and geographic amazement later, we were heading back towards Playa Blanca and the ferry to Fuerteventura.



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