No comprende

I’ve spent time on the beach doing various activities, including sunbathing. I’ve done the same by the pool and fried myself several times. So I can somehow understand people wanting to get a tan.

This morning I was absolutely blown away. We were a bit late going to breakfast, around ten to nine. At our hotel (adults only mind you, hotel class 4 stars, TripAdvisor rating 4,5) the pool area is right outside the dining room. The pool apparently opens at nine after some morning maintenance. This morning there were queues by the steps leading to the pool and sun chairs. Adult people ranging from the early fifties to Dumbledore ages. Queuing for the best spots. On a day with cloud forecast and no sun to be seen.

My amazement didn’t end there. Sitting by the window I could se the hoardes bearing down on the best places when the small rope was pulled back. They bowled down the paths for their favourite locations. The older ones sort of shuffled on, oddly enough no one pushed them over. With their bathing towels, small bags and large books strategically placed, they happily turned and started heading back towards a well deserved breakfast. Meanwhile, my face was caught in an amazing grin and tea was getting cold as I watched the spectacle.

Are these people the pros of sunbathing or are they the embodiment of the me-myself-and-I culture that we so happily blame younger generations for? What’s the hurry, where’s the fire? No comprende.

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