Dubrovnik old town

Even though I haven’t watched a episode of Game of Thrones, I know Dubrovnik has quite a big role in the location department. Very rich in history and magnificent old buildings.

Due to the unfortunate prop event, we were on location at six in the evening, and decided to take an alternative view of the old town. Usually one wanders through the cities looking up at buildings, but a walk along the wall provided us with something new.

we didn’t stop for ice cream or drinks anywhere along the way and walked quite briskly, not really stopping to take it all in. It took us an hour to complete the walk anyway.

We were all getting a bit hungry, and the boys had seen a restaurant aptly named for our journey: Marco Polo. Tripadvisor gave it pretty good reviews, so we decided to have a look, since it was very close by.

We weren’t disappointed. The waitress was wonderfully attentive with some recommendations. She could even grasp our weird sense of humour and play along. The wine we had went excellently with our meals and I’ve never had grilled tuna so well made.

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