I’ve been quite conservative updating my iOS since I use an antiquated iPad2. I wait and read comments. iOS8 hasn’t been an absolute success for older versions, so I skipped it.

Mac OSX has also been updated to Yosemite and I decided to install it on my MacBook Air. Obviously I didn’t read everything carefully enough. After installation, there were a few settings to adjust. One was rather important for me. I keep my all my stuff synchronized through iCloud. And updating to Yosemite also “forced” me to update to iCloud superdrive or whatever. This in turn forced me into truelly make a decision about updating iOS.

The reviews of updating to iOS8.1 are mixed. Some have had major problems, others less. With fearful anticipation I checked that all my backups were up to date and started installation. The process was quite nerveracking and slow. Watching the black screen, with a small white line slowly inching to its right, without knowing if the outcome would work. All in all, it took closer to an hour with all restarts, but eveything works absolutely fine. Maybe a bit slow at times, but I’m happy.

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