I’m so happy and excited today. The feelings of expectation and accomplishment fullfill me.

I’m finally quite happy with this site and have decided that it’s good enough for the time beeing. You can always fiddle about and try to get it better, but at some point you just have to accept that its’ s never going to be perfect. Everything works just about the way I want it. Task well done.

About two weeks ago we booked a trip to Boavista, Cape Verde. And now its only 13 nights away. We can’t wait to get away from this darkness and rain, into the sunshine and warmth. There’s not a lot of things to do on Cape Verde, so we’ll mostly be “veging about”. We’ve stacked books both, electronic and paper, to take along so we will be able to relax properly. Waiting for the trip to begin is like waiting for Xmas when you were a child. Bonus feature: no kids or dogs coming along!

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