On blogging

Well, now that I’m on my way to master WordPress both on my apps and web browser as well as being quite satisfied with the layout of my site, it might be time to concentrate on the content itself.

A lot of blogs concentrate on some particular aspect of the writers’ interests. I’ve been trying to incorporate two different aspects, all in one blog and in two languages. The first subject has been updating our sailingtrips for the benefit of our parents. I got a bit tired of answering the phone several times a day…The second subject are the more serious ponderings on life, leadership and virtuosity.

Combining these two subjects in one and the same blog, at least to me, seemed rather a hazardous attempt. Obviously, the first page may seem a bit wacky, but I hope that the different categories will clarify and help the reader to choose articles to her liking.

Apart from content, one also has to focus on catchy titles, spelling, puctiation, paragraph divisions and especially the length of a post. I’ve read a few guides and pointers on this, and only time will tell if the quality of posts will develop over coming years. At least I hope so.

Maybe, as a reader and follower of this blog, you might give some feedback on how you feel about my writings. As always with critic, taking a coaching approach and we’ll get a lot further.

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