Setback for the aspiring barista

Sometimes you forget basic things like if you have dogs, don’t leave anything edible where they can reach it.

Well, the aspiring barista stepped out for an hour this morning to get a haircut and go to the post office. During this time, our two lovely ladies seemed to get a little bit bored.

Now, the aspiring barista went shopping two days ago, and the paper bag containing all the coffee and chocolates has been sitting on the floor for over 36 hours without any problems. This morning everything changed. Someone has been enjoying high quality dark chocolates.


Obviously, the box was wrapped in tight cellophane and we all know how easy that is to open. Only 17 pieces, roughly 100 g of premium grade delicacies, went missing here.

70% cocoa dark chocolate
70% cocoa dark chocolate

If that wasn’t enough, the baristas laptop bag had to be searched. Who carries speciality chocolate with their laptop? Busted! So the lovely new flavour of coffee & cardamom was devoured. Luckily there was only about 50g left.

We haven't done anything
We haven’t done anything

And yes, we are totally innocent and that’s why are still like statues when you look at us.


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