21.12 Winter solstice – Tuomaanpäivä – Thomas the Apostle

Today is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. According to tradition, this is the day Thomas the Apostle died. It’s winter solstice, and the days just keep getting longer from now on.

In the Nordic countries, this day has always had a special meaning. Even before Christianity, people would gather to celebrate this time of year. Christianity has only disguised ancient traditions. This is the day, when you can break open the kegs of Christmas beer that have been brewed. Mind you, only for a slight tasting session.

In ancient Rome, it was time to honor the god Saturn with a weeklong feast, Saturnalia.

Christmas peace is declared on this day. That means, that all  work should cease, and you should be quite finished with your Christmas preparations. Any person breaking the peace, will be judged under aggravating circumstances.

I hope you can all enjoy a peaceful holiday season. I would like to remind you celebrate civilized and refrain from gluttony and drunkedness. Also, as it is customary to light a lot of candles, please be careful not to start unneccessary fires.

With this in mind, this pagan and doubtful Thomas wishes you a  very Merry Christmas.

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