First night out this season

Well, we’re out a bit earlier than previous years. It’s a bit chilly, five degrees celsius and around 20 kn of wind. Last night we arrived at our yachting clubs’ island retreat just after nine in the evening. Since we had a full on head wind, we motored all the way. Whta a drag!

The first night out was not uneventful. The wind picked up, and the new gennaker halyard started banging againsta the mast. Obviously it woke us up around three in the morning. So the skipper had to suit up and jump on deck to fix it. One can only blame oneself for forgetting to check everything before going to bed. On the other hand, we haven’t had extra halyards on this boat, so it’s been a few years since on has had to remember such things. Not very likely to forget it after such a reminder right at the beginning of the season.

Our plans were to sail to Helsinki today. Early in the morning we thought that due to the strong winds and rather chilly weather overall, it maybe wasn’t necessary. After sitting around for a couple of hours, I’ve begun to change my mind and we’re now preparing to set sail.

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