Valentine’s 2016

Valentine’s day started off with a short drive to Helsinki and a lovely brunch at Café Edberg. Walking in the mixture of rain, sleet and wind to get to the fully packed café, without a reservation on Valentine’s was all worth it.

Even though the buffet is small and the selection is limited, it’s enough. What can you want more, when you have your basic cereals and bread rolls, fruit, silky smooth scrambled eggs, a few select cheeses, a divine croissant topped off with some gateaux?

Today, especially the croissant was top notch. Just last week, I commented on not finding proper ones anywhere. These ones were light and crispy, and they just melted in your mouth.

With a full belly, we jumped back outside in the cold to catch the tram. Our main touristic attraction for the day was The National Museum of Finland.

croissant gateaux

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