Major updates

I’ve started a process of reorganising the site and will be making some changes, the first one being the very apparent change of theme. The new theme seems a little fresher and maybe more focused on pictures. At least, it really desires a featured image for each post to look reasonable.

The second change is one that experienced bloggers keep telling us about i.e. tagging and categorising. I might have found the main focus of the writing, namely sailing, occasional travel and good food.

The third, and probably the one one that has most impact on you, the readers, is a change of posting language. Whereas this might alienate a few of my most loyal readers, I believe that there might be a slight possibility of gaining a much larger audience. Add to that, the great spellcheck that WordPress provides us.

I am in the process of changing the categories in all the old posts, and that might take some time. I do hope this doesn’t inconvenience you too much.

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