Nane çayı and another baklava

After Topkapi we headed towards Sultanahmet Camii a.k.a. The Blue Mosque. We thought we’d take a quick look at the ham on the way, but it’s actually a fully working ham, and we wouldn’t have been out in less than an hour. Clean and relaxed, but maybe not quite what we had in mind. So we continued forward.



Wouldn’t you have it, prayer time was on and we had roughly half an hour to spend. So we hopped over to the nearby Arasta Bazaar. We’re not that into shopping, so we tucked into a small coffee shop just at the beginning of the bazaar. And had some baklava, of course. This time we didn’t go for the regular Turkish tea, but decided to have some mint tea (nane çayı) instead. Anything for a change.

Nane çayı and baklava
Nane çayı and baklava

I really love baklava. It’s been quite a while since I made some myself, and I think I’m making the most out of this visit.

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