Blue Mosque

There are separate entries for worshippers and visitors, which is good. If I had to stand in line with gawking tourists when coming to my place of worship, I’d be rather irritated. The visitors’  queue sped along efficiently, with free scarves for women for covering their head in a proper manner being provided, and even makeshift skirts fort both men and women just in case your pants are too short or torn. After that you come to the point where shoes have to be removed. Plastic bags for your shies were also provided, since entry and exit were in different parts of the building.

When visiting an active place of worship, one should always respect the traditions and culture of the place you are visiting. I’ve visited tens, if not hundreds of churches in Europe. Somehow all tourists seem to quiet down when the get inside the church. What happens when tourists get inside a mosque? They babble and chatter to their heart’s content. Quite disrespectful,  I thought.

I soon came toys senses, and started acting more touristy. The building was spectacular on the inside. One has to be awestruck by these great ancient buildings. Especially since they are still being used. I’d love to see any office building being built today still being used over a century from now.

DSC_7701 DSC_7700 DSC_7688 DSC_7681 DSC_7702

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