Prangli jaani 2016

We had a relaxed morning and didn’t leave Viinistu till about ten, and later when the wind actually died, we somewhat regretted it. Finnish and Estonian meteorologists had opposite views, and the Finns were right this time.

You might get a picture of the harbour entrance. Stay in the middle.

After a couple of hours of great sailing, the wind really did die, and the roughly 1 kn was westerly, the way we were headed. So WB sails came down and Volvo sails came on. And four hours later we got to Prangli island, Kelnase harbour.

Thursday night was a special night in Estonia võidupühw, Victory day. The Estonians really know how to make long weekends even longer. Thursday is a public holiday, and so is Friday, which is midsummers’ eve, like in Finland and Sweden. Here it just makes for a four day weekend. Based on the greetings, nobody seems to remember victory, everybody is just out celebrating midsummer, jaani. Like all other great pagans of the north.

Here is small recap of the festivities on Prangli last night.

And for some other touristy shots

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