We couldn’t leave Prangli on Friday, since it was in the middle of a holiday weekend. Besides, it rained, and who wants to sail in the rain? And we hadn’t even seen any relevant attractions, like the local shop. We can recommend the “seljanka”.

So we read a little, watched some movies and when there was a small break in the rain, we trekked to the little shop, Prangli pood. It has most of the necessities a travel could want. Bread, canned foods and a lot of booze. The really quaint think, was the small corner where they served some soup, bread, chocolate cake and your assortment of drinks. Gin & tonic, rum & coke and local beer. What more could you want?


Kiluvoileib, seljanka, šokolaadikook and a G & T

When we had our morning walk, this little guy took a liking to our bitches. He followed us around and all the way back to the boat. He stayed on the pier waiting for over two hours, but the girls just weren’t interested. So much for his midsummer party…

The desperate suitor
The desperate suitor



More sightseeing..

And that was the end of our midsummer in Prangli.

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