Tallinn 25.5.2016

We’ve been to Tallinn several times, just never with our own boat. And what a great way to go for a first visit. The weather forecast said it would be sunny and over 25 °C. And some nice wind to take us there. Well, it wasn’t exactly cold, but we waited a couple of hours in the morning, because you couldn’t see a thing. Light fog, you might say.

When it cleared, or at least we thought it cleared enough to think that it would all blow away, we cast of. After hoisting the sails, we were almost five kn and thought everything looked OK. Not two hours later, we had to pull the sails down, since we weren’t moving at all. Volvo to the rescue! Again.

The fog actually didn’t lighten. At times you could see a few hundred feet, most of the time you could see your bow. Blind without radar and AIS, entering Tallin Bay is just great fun. Listening to the VHF gave some comfort knowing most of the traffic reporting, but crossing the main fairways without seeing, was just scary at times.

Visibility forward
Visibility up was quite alright
About 200 ft and that’s a beacon
No problems with visibility anymore. Tallinn at about 2 NM

We got to Tallinn safely anyway. When motoring into Pirita, the sun was already shining, people were out on the beach and life was good in general. Even though all the guest spots were taken, we were ushered to the end of one of the pontoons and could start enjoying the sunny afternoon.


The Pirita area in general was a great experience after always running around the Old Town. And the yacht club is conveniently located about 400 m from Selver, an absolutely fantastic supermarket with a pharmacy too.

After a lovely evening looking at how locals spend a sunny, warm evening, we were ready for bed. Next up, Naissaare.


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