Haapsalu 29.6.2016

We woke up to a beautiful sun, albeit a rather light wind. The skipper was a bit skeptic, but started preparing for the day. The Dirhami facilities were nice and clean, and it was great taking a warm shower in the morning and getting a fresh start.

We were pleasantly surprised after leaving the safety of the harbour. There was a lovely little southerly wind and we hoisted our sails and started tacking southwards. Unfortunately we enjoyed the sunshine and wind only for a few hours, and one by one we could se our fellow journeymakers start their engines and drop their sails. By noon, our speed had dropped below two knots, which is usually the sign to call it a day, the dogs really need to go at some point in the afternoon. The sails came down and we joined the motorcade southwards, enviously looking at those meandering northwards, some with their gennakers fluttering slightly.

We came to Haapsalu late in the afternoon, and after a short walk with the dogs we rented a couple of bikes and peddaled into town. What a lovely little place it was! We stopped at Margot and had some lovely crepes and continued sightseeing a little tipsy…

And when we got back to the yacht club, there was a small photoshoot going on. And yes, she really could flick that hair…

We definitely need to come back again, with more time.

And yes, our little princess has behaved badly, barking and ripping her bandages. Sometimes tough measures are in order.


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