Kuivastu 30.6.2016

The morning started a little bit greyish in Haapsalu, even with a few drops of rain blessing our existence. Bravely we set on our way, knowing only that the wind would most probably be coming head on.

Even though we have very good Estonian charts and our trusty GPS, we’re not completely confident of sailing freely in three metres of water riddled with rocks. So we motored for the first couple of hours till we got to “clear” waters of more than six metres. And the wind direction wasn’t that bad at all. We only tacked a couple of times for the following hours, and almost forty miles later, we found ourselves in Kuivastu harbour, in great sunshine and safe from all winds.

The service building looked so great, that we really had to try it out. Refreshed, we could set on walking the dogs and checking for any attractions in the neighbourhood. The main thing is the harbour, and of course the ferry to the mainland. But, we did find some interesting things…

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