Kuressaare 2.7.2016

It was only a short hop from Roomassaare to Kuressaare, about 5 NM. And thats only because you have to go straight out to sea for the turn, and the take a lovely little channel back in.

It was a lovely sunny day, with some hints of rain and thunder which we really ignored. We had a lovely light lunch in the harbour pub and decided to take a walk into town. It was too hot for the dogs, and they aren’t accepted at tourist attractions anyway. We opened some haches to let the air in and left.

Our first visit was the lovely castle that has survived and been restored during with style. The permanent exhibition was something more than I had expected, but taking in to account what has happened on the castle grounds, one might say it fit in. Of course the exhibition guides you through Saarenmaa and Kuressaari history from medieval times, the castles’ history but also the Estonian independence struggle with Nazis and Soviets stampeding through the country.


The Estonians really don’t hide what thoughts they have of the great communist experiment.


After a great thunderstorm passed, we could continue our walk  in this quaint little town.

Since we will be meeting a few friends here, we’re staying a few nights. The weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday doesn’t look too great for the Bay of Riga. The wind will be from the right direction, but there is going to be plenty of it. We might sit tight for some extra days. There is more to do and see here, than in our next port of call, Ruhnu. We’ll see. Sunday will be spent with some heavy duty R & R, maybe some replenishment of supplies.


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