Kuivastu-Roomassaare 1.7.2016

Oh, what a beautiful day! Of course we had to start off with a couple of hours with Volvo, since the wind was great, but hitting us straight on. We had roughly 45 NM to go and the dogs really would want to go by the end of the day.

When we finally made the turn eastward, the wind was hitting us at the best angle possible. We saw another boat far in the horizon and set our course slightly lower than they did. For a long time we thought they might be heading straight to Ruhnu, or maybe even Riga. As the day grew older, and we kept us above 5 kn all the time, it was great sailing. The sun was out,the wind was great!

The wind eased off at times for about an hour or so, and the decision to get Volvo out was always close when our speed dropped closer to three knots. We persevered, finally identifying our fellow traveller as a German boat. The wind picked up, and we reached speeds closer to five again. Finally, we could se that we overtook the other boat, and saw it taking a course in our wake. But it was definitely too late for them, we shot forward in the late afternoon sun. How remarkable, we were remarkably faster than someone else. Even though that we could see their genoa being closer to twice the size ours is. Yay skipper, he’s done something right! Sailing a 30 ft boat and overtaking someone is always a great feeling. Overtaking anyone  is great!

Overtaking, what a lovely feeling!

We decided to stop at Roomassaare because it was a little bit closer the dogs really needed to go, and we needed to fill up with diesel and empty our wastewater. Our cruising guide told us that at Roomaassaare it would be 3 m deep and at Kuressaare we weren’t sure. As it turned out, the pier was great, but the wastewater pump didn’t suck anything out. The thought of dumping something in the middle of the Bay of Riga isn’t that great…

Roomassaare isn’t the tourist kind of port. We were actually the only guests there. The yacht club port is situated right in the middle between a working port and the airport. No idyllic beaches or picnic spots. We decided that this wouldn’t matter, and found ourselves a great little spot for a barbecue. And we did see some interesting vehicles…

Even though it was a quiet touristy evening, in the port it was a busy night. When we arrived, we saw a ship being loaded with timber. They carried  through the night, and in the morning we could se the ship leaving, and the next one entering straight after. Just as we were trying to leave.

The harbour is just over 4 m deep and the prop really ripped the mud up

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