Ruhnu 6.7.2016

After a few days at Kuressaare it was finally time to set off. The wind forecast was light to moderate and we were expecting to have Volvo working pretty hard.


As it happened, we left early enough to catch a great wind for most of the way. At the end of the day the GPS showed that we had moved almost 42 NM, and we hadn’t tacked once. In the end, we motored only for about fifteen NM, and that was only because the dogs really needed to go.

For the next couple of legs, at least, we’re joining forces with s/y Aliena. They also have a dog on board and have the same destination, Riga.

Obviously we had to take a long walk with the dogs so here are the first impressions of Ruhnu. We’ll be spending the day and set of for Jurmala in Latvia on Friday.

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