Kuivitzi Kapteinu Osta 11.7.2016

Getting out of Skulte in the afternoon was a relief. We had roughly 34 NM to the next port, Kuvitzi, since everyone we knew had told us to avoid Salacgriva. The wind had eased off considerably and it was time to dig out the gennaker for the first time this season.


The wind was so light, even this didn’t help. The speed dwindled from 3,5 to under two knots and we had to get Volvo to help us, even though the dogs had been taken care of in Skulte.

All cruising guides said that one has to be really careful when going to Kuivizi. So we took a safe route to buoy K and the straight line in. We didn’t see any fishing nets. This time.

Arriving at the harbour was a relief. It looked better than one had dreamed of, and the pier is actually the best that we have encountered in Latvia on this tour. Kapteinu osta, captain’s harbour, truly delivers. It’s actually part of a holiday complex where there are cabins with or without saunas, an area for trailers and one for tents and a hotel with a restaurant.

Since the forecast for Tuesday is a sporty one, we’ll be spending the day here.

DSC_9823 DSC_9797

Kuivizi, Kapteinu osta recommendation: yes indeed.

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