Skulte 11.7.2016

The wind forecast was ok, and we had planned only roughly 30 NM leg for the day. We could have sailed slowly down river, but it was better to motor down, since the traffic on Monday morning was a lot livelier then we arrived.

Can you guess who took this west buoy on the right side… Not me anyway.
DSC_9787Just after passing that familiar looking passenger ship, we hoisted our sails and set course for Skulte. The wind was better than expected and we got to the safe water buoy around one in the afternoon. We had been drenched by rain at this time, and the torrential downpours didn’t let up till we had tied up. And then the sun came out, and you can imagine how hot it got in all your foul weather gear.

Skulte port did not deliver on the expectations we had. We didn’t call the harbour master as in said on the charts, but when you can only see industrial activity all around, I don’t think he could have made it any cozier. The decision was quickly made. A quick-lunch and then continue to Kuivitzi. Even though we knew that the wind would be dying later on.

We left Skulte with the promise to return only in case of emergency. The fairway in had also been efficiently mined with fishing nets. Pretty understandable, since there seemed to be fishing industry as well as boat building industry in the port.

Skulte: strong recommendation to avoid if possible.

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