Pärnu 13-14.7.2016

We set off in a brisk 8 m/s southerly wind. Getting out of Kuivizi port was fun. We had to drive straight into the wind and waves for almost an hour before we could turn north. It was no use driving fast since the waves were really beating us.

Once we got the sails up and turned north, it was all downwind for the next 40 or so miles. The sea was rather choppy, and the waves kept throwing us around. No easy autopilot sailing and sunbathing this time. We got to Pärnu late in the afternoon and after servicing the dogs and ourselves, we set out to explore this lovely town.

The next morning, we took it easy but were out doing touristy stuff before noon. We had rented some bikes so that we could cover more ground in a shorter time. As we are well into our fourth week discovering new places yet again, I cab feel the slight fatigue creeping on. The camera is not constantly in action anymore. We managed to find something new on the beach anyway.


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