Colosseum 3.12.2016

A new day dawned for the touristy couple. Bright and early we headed for the Colosseum and again decided to take a tour. I’m still not quite sure if it’s worth the money, but the stories they tell are great and probably really hard to find in any guidebook. Today, our tour company was aptly called Gladiator tours. Marinella the guide was too professional to really sugar coat history with fantasies in true Hollywood style. I’m sure she did anyway, since it wasn’t a dry history lesson with only names and dates that you find in the books.

What a great history this place has. And it’s huge. Just imagine, 65.000 spectators in numbered seats with working fresh water fountains and toilets. Everyone knew exactly from which gate to enter, and which place to sit in. And this was 2.000 years ago. And somehow we can’t get this to work properly today.

What I learned this time around, was that the games that the emperors and rich businessmen put on, usually took place before political elections. So, more circus games for the people led to better voting habits and satisfaction for the politicians. Nothing has changed since then. Nor has the seating arrangement. Best seats close to the ring, top row for the common people and VIPs have their own entrance for the best seats.



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