The idyllic island life

Visit Sandhamn. If you don’t have your own boat, just take a ferry from Stockholm. This must be one of the most idyllic island societies that I’ve visited so far. It might have been a dream come true, but it sure didn’t disappoint me.

On my morning walk with the dogs I met an elderly gentleman with his puppy. We talked a bit, and I told him how friendly everybody is. Always saying hello and stopping for a talk. He said it might be that everybody is there for to relax. The phenomenon is familiar in all small communities and Sandhamn only has about 85 permanent residents. But just as everywhere else, the population grows by hundreds during summer months. And these are the same people who don’t even look in your direction in the city. This could be well verified a few days later in Nynäshamn, s port city. Not a big place, but the hustle and bustle could be felt in people’s attitudes.


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