A couple of days off at Malma Kvarn

After leaving Sandhamn on Wednesday morning, we were heading for a place to stay safe for a few days. The spot we had selected was Malma Kvarn, roughly ten miles away. Round the corner, so to speak.

On our way, we circled via Norrviken in Runmarö, where we plan to go later on. Beautiful place, but no electricity which we want when all the hatches are closed and were keeping the rain and wind with some Netflix & chill.

We’ll be leaving Malma Kvarn on Saturday, at the earliest. The cruising weather isn’t forecast to be very nice. Forecasts by Foreca.fi. On the top mean wind, at the bottom gust predictions. The green is uncomfortable and needs at least one reef. The yellow is shitty and I don’t want to be in the orange or red. On the other hand, we could really fly downwind to the south. We are parked in the orange/red zone.

So take a book or movie, and relax.

Foreca wind forecast for Friday 12 noon
Foreca wind gust forecast Friday 29.6.2017 12 noon.

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