Next stop: Utö

Waking up in Landsort, the wind was already blowing a steady 20 knots, and I had t wonder how we would get out without damaging anyone else. Easily, it turned out. The wind hardly touched the boat since we were shielded by a high cliff. The mast top with the wind transducer obviously reached above and caught everything.

We had decided to reach Utö, a mere 25 miles north and with a great 20 knots of wind coming from the southeasterly quarter we made good speed. The GPS now has a record 9,0 kn as the top speed, which the first mate clocked while the captain was cooking lunch. So we sailed into the beautiful, quiet Kyrkviken bay at Utö in the early afternoon. We had decided to choose a buoy laid out for members by Svenska Kryssarklubben. Great choice. Even though there are two ferry piers right next to the buoys, the ferries didn’t make any waves at all while passing.

We quickly pumped the canoe and set off to discover Utö, which has a rich and long history as a mining society.

We paddled back to the boat a few hours later, and even the dogs seemed to have had enough of a walk and settled down for the evening. The night was wonderful. Remembering the waves and noise of the previous night, it was almost eerily quiet. No sounds could be herd.

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