After staying low for a couple of days, watching three of the Mummy movies and eating well at the Grand Malma Kvarn restaurant, it was time to set off.

The gusts were still hitting 15-20 knots when we took ourselves out of our safe haven and immediately took in one reef. That was an unnecessary precaution and was soon remedied. At first we were going over five knots down wind, but a few hours later it was clear that we would reach Nynäshamn in a decent time.

Even though we saw some boats going along nicely with spinnakers and gennakers, when we sank to two knots, it was time to rely on the trusty Volvo. A bit past six we found ourselves tied up and took a short stroll in town. Not a lot to see.

The next morning, we shopped for some groceries and a missing chart so that we could continue our adventure.

It was only a short hop to Landsort, the wind was pretty good, not too much tacking. This was the southernmost point of our journey. On the way, we were alarmed by white floats, which usually means fishing nets. But there were too many, and as we plowed through we soon saw that there must have been some sort of mishap.


Landsort, if only it had been a little warmer. And not Sunday.

Bit it’s not all that idyllic. You also have the longest sculpture gallery in Sweden. Some pieces are better than others.


One thing we definitely learned, that even though the harbour is excellently shielded from winds, the same cannot be said for the waves. This had to be one of the worst nights ever. The vertical movement of the boat was almost 1,5 m at its best, and the waves were hitting aft, where we sleep. The rollercoaster ride lasted all night. The next morning, everybody was comparing how well they slept. No-one had slept well.

Strong recommendation, visit Landsort. Just watch out for the prevailing southwesterly winds and waves.

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