We woke up to a cool NE wind blowing at about 10-15 knots, but you could hardly notice it at the buoy. After taking the dogs ashore, we had a quick breakfast and set off.

Our destination was the quaint little port that we had checked out last week. It was only about 20 miles away, and even though the wind was quite cool, we had no problems working our way upwind. Late in the afternoon we found ourselves tied up, and the port soon started filling up. This is another port maintained by Svenska Kryssarklubben, and will probably be one of our favourite stops in the future, even if it is a little bit open for the northerly winds.

We had a great evening, barbecuing on the pier an eating with a lot of other sailors. Absolutely wonderful for the dogs as well. There were plenty of trails to walk.

This place also has the best “dunny library” I’ve come across so far. Literature ranging from Japanese signs and calligraphy, gender roles and some lighter fiction as well.

Definite recommendation.

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