Where to stay in Naples?

We all have our preferences for how we want to live during our vacations. Some might feel that a regular hotel is a five-star accommodation, just because someone else cleans the dishes after breakfast and makes the bed while you’re out. Some need other amenities and service.

When we go on holidays, especially city trips, we definitely aren’t planning on spending our time in the hotel room. That is probably why we might be a little bit more modest with the list of necessities. What do I usually want? Here’s the list:

  • Clean sheets and bed. No lice or bedbugs etc. These days I even randomly take the sheets off to check the mattress. (I own a Kirby….)
  • Clean shower and hot water
  • Some space for the bags
  • Small safe
  • Wifi is preferable, but there are places in the world which are further away….
  • Easy access to public transportation (there are places in the world….)

So, as you can see, the list is not that hard to fulfill. Except that the first one sometimes is…

This time, I started by looking at the metro-map of Naples. I tried to figure out where we’d be walking and where we needed transportation. And then I looked at hotels on the map on TripAdvisor.  I had no idea what the Vomero area is, I only bought the guidebooks after deciding where to go and booking the flights and hotel.

After reading dozens of reviews, I decided that Weekend a Napoli sounded great. Yes, it had a few bad reviews. Reading the texts I thought someone just had a miserable life,  since 99% of the reviews were positive. Pleasing everyone is just impossible. And if you want quiet, I suggest you go to Lappland, where there is no traffic and there are no people. In the city, there is always life.

And I think we hit the jackpot this time.  Weekend a Napoli fit our needs perfectly. Tucked away on a side street in the Vomero area, we found our safe haven. We actually walked past the gate when we first arrived. There are no disturbing flashing neon lights here, thank you very much. Patrizia buzzed us in and came to show us our room and explain how everything works. After that, she told me to come upstairs and finalize the check-in and also to have a talk with Paolo, who would gladly help us with any arrangements we needed during our trip.

Guided and pampered. Definitely. I’ve had a personal assistant at work. And I’ve never been able to fill her day with tasks to help me. I had the same feeling with Paolo. The amount of help and information was fantastic,  and should have been used better. During that first afternoon,  we made a quick plan of what we wanted to do and see, and Paolo set about to book our tours and tables at the restaurants. Paolo’s recommendations worked perfectly for us. Especially for the local restaurants, I really should have called more often. Grazzie mille, Paolo!

Breakfast is sometimes a worry. In Rome last year, we stayed at an Airbnb. So there was some toast and tea. In Barcelona, we opted not to have the hotel breakfast, choosing instead to check out what the local cafés had to offer. At WAN, I think we got the best of both. At eight in the morning, we walked up to the second story and had our choice of juices, tea, coffee, yogurt, muesli, bread, jam, cheese, prosciutto and the most amazing scrambled eggs. If that wasn’t enough, top up on some muffins or pie. You don’t walk off hungry from a table like that. And all this you enjoy in the comfort of an Italian home, with beautiful presepes all over the room.

So, from our point of view, this was an excellent five start choice. Five minutes to the Quattro Giornale or Vanvitelli metro stations, great local restaurants just around the corner and the peaceful Vomero area in general. And the provided lovely, helpful and knowing service of Paolo, Patrizia, and staff.

Our basic room at ground floor level.

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