Reggia di Caserta

As palaces go, the one in Caserta is pretty big. Depending on which reference you believe, it’s the largest by volume and definitely one of the largest by floor area. With roughly 1200 rooms and 2 million m3 volume, you would think there is enough space for family ruling the country. Extraordinarily, the king who commissioned the palace, never actually lived here, preferring to abdicate in favour of his young son and becoming the king of Spain himself.

It’s not only the building that’s big, the park is huge too, It’s roughly 3,3 km from the palace to the end of the garden, and there are plenty of things to see and do. Like the “small” fishing ponds. You might be fooled by the name, English Garden, but it’s well worth the visit, even in wintertime. I bet this place is wonderful in spring.

The Palace

The Park

English Garden

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