Best dunnies of 2017

When traveling there are always those moments during the day when you feel the need to concentrate, all by yourself. If you can’t find the right spot in time, you feel rather bad. Sometimes even panic.

We’re all familiar with toilet cultures, we just don’t talk about it. In Rome, I did not find one single public or restaurant toilet that had a toilet seat. In Barcelona I can’t recall one that didn’t have a seat. And in Naples, we’re somewhere in between. Can you define the quality of the establishment by its toilet? Not necessarily.

Here are the best dunnies we met during our summer sailing trip.

1. Norrviken, Runmarö, Stockholm, Sweden

Best library in an outhouse

Even though the seating was regular and the lighting ordinary, this dunny wins on its literary merits. Definitely the largest and finest library I have ever met. Pocketbooks, hardcovers,  philosophy, crime, calligraphy. Anything you can imagine. Don’t stay too long though, this is a popular harbour so you can expect some traffic.

2. Rödhamn, Åland Islands, Finland

Brand new, hardwood floors and comfortable seating good lighting. New is always nice, but this was a huge step up from the previous dark closets. Now it’s nice and spacious. The finishing touches were still being delivered, so I am waiting to see the finished version.

 3. Stora Vårholmen, Snappertuna, Finland

Paper with poetry. You just have to keep wiping… This is a private dunny, so obviously there are extra comforts and ornaments. On a cold summer morning, the styrofoam seating is especially appreciated.

Special mention: Lidö, Stockholm, Sweden

I have personal experience of dunnies on three continents so far. And there have been some interesting ones on the way. This one is among the more curious ones. Why have two seats so close to each other? We’re not in the army now… There was a very small window somewhere above the door, but it was very dark. Then again the view is spectacular when you leave the door open. I’m somewhat surprised by Swedish toilet habits. The text, freely translated, ” please regard the next guest by not shitting on the seat”. Maybe that’s why you need two seats.


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