The Great Tracker

With winter may be coming back, we had some snow last night. When you’re early enough, the large hoards of prey and predators living here won’t mess up your tracking practices. Here are a few samples.

European hare (brown hare), Lepus europaeus. Male, 4-5kg, 3-4 years, no visible winter fur. Obnoxious, not scared of foxes. Enjoys gardens winter and summer. Female gardeners not fond of him, see him as competitor. 
Canis lupus familiaris, female 10-11 kg, old, signs of arthritis. Long haired.
Canis lupus familiaris, 5-6 kg, middle-aged, slower than hare, curious.
European hare, young male, hungry.
Felis silvestris catus, 4-6 kg, shy, 4-6 years old, well fed.
Canis lupus familiaris, bitch. Real bitch. Lots of fur. Too much.
Left: European hare, female, 3-4 years, shy, slight winter fur colouring. Right: homo sapiens, male, middle aged, 90-100 kg. Good looking. Smart. Very well fed.


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