I believe I can fly

What an exciting Sunday I had! Last Valentines I got one of those great gift cards, actually a booklet, with about fifty activities to choose from. Facials and massages, tattoos and test drives with Ferraris or Maserati. And lots more for any gentleman.

It’s almost a year since Valentines and time was running out, so I woke up on Sunday morning and thought that I should fly. At least try. Four whole minutes, which was the value of my gift card.

Sirius Sport has some great activities aimed at all those who have more money than sense. Well worth trying anyway. So off we went to see what it’s all about.

We had to be at the wind tunnel about an hour before my time, so there was plenty of time to suit up, listen to the safety instructions and watch other people and groups. Looking at a few groups who obviously had practiced more than four minutes, it looked pretty easy…

Here is how it looks when a middle aged man does it for the first time.

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