It has already been 57 days since we were in Naples. All that’s left are great memories and a little drop of Limoncello from Positano.

To alleviate ones travel lust, we had to attend the Nordic Travel Fair in January. Just ahead of the Helsinki Boat Show starting in a few days. These two are quite a must every year. One for inspiration, the other mostly to buy new gear. There hasn’t been a decent lineup of sailing boats for years. The brokers are there, with their shiny brochures and beautiful videos. No boats.

At the travel fair they have all kinds of great offers. One of the cruise operators seemed to have brought their whole office and were taking bookings with people queuing to about seven agents.

We booked our first trip after walking about five meters. Only a day-trip, but something we’ve been talking about for years. I’m even thinking about buying a new camera for this trip. We’ll see.

The date for the first trip hindered making a decision on a second booking. We had to check our calendars and think a little bit. Now all the bookings have been made and the airline has started it’s next phase marketing. I actually hope that they keep up with it. In this first mail they reminded me that it’s only 94 more days to go. If this trip works out well, I might even consider joining the rewards program.

Just imagine a day in May. The sun rays bouncing off the clear, blue Mediterranean. Wind blowing in your ear. Oh dear, can’t think anymore, so we’ll get back to what and where later.

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