Leg 4 Korčula-Porto Rosso (Skrivena, Lastovo)

The day started off by trying to find a pharmacy. We needed some flu medicine. Not for me this time, which is a wonder.

After a leisurely breakfast and a shower we set off. Mind you, everyone else seemed to have a great shower experience. My shower had plenty of hot and cold water, they only took turns to present themselves. Quick shower for me.

The sun was shining and we had 5-10 kn of wind. And its direction wasn’t to bad either, as you might se from the map. The waves were about 1-1,5 m and it felt quite choppy. They say the waves in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea are short and ugly but I certainly haven’t found any difference in the ones in the Adriatic Sea. Going upwind, you get those nice smashes in the bottom just the same.

We were doing ok, 5-7 kn, and life was a breeze. Until those dark clouds started forming. The first ones blasted past and it looked as if it was going to clear. A bit later we got some light rain, and when we had about five miles to go, a great big thunderstorm broke out. The winds reached 20-25 knots so it wasn’t that bad. The waves didn’t get any bigger, but the rain. It pelted our faces so it hurt.

We were heading for a port that is sheltered from all winds. That was five miles of headwind and oncoming waves. So I thought that we could motor the last hour. We should have made a couple of tacks and gone with that. It would have been faster and more comfortable. Everybody knows that. We even had the first reef in at this point.

An hour and a half later, with really soaking shoes, we made it to shelter. The freezing hands were not that numb and we got tied up without any major problems. By the time the rain stopped it was getting dark so we had our quick dinner of leftovers in the boat, and then just hit the sack.

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