Leg 5 Porto Rosso-Vis

Watch out when you’re reaching for the moon….

Porto Rosso, beautiful lagoon.

With an absolutely wonderful morning, we knew there was a long day ahead. The long shot with the wind forecast didn’t pay off. Light winds were promised, light winds received. We motored on, from nine till about half past one, when the wind reached about 8 kn. Since we 4,5 kn, which is quite nice by any accounts. However, we had 40 NM to cover, so there really wasn’t any time just to sit around at 2,5-3 kn, so after a couple of hours of downwind training in light winds, we turned to the trusty Yanmar steel genoa.

For once, we tied up at quite a reasonable time just after four. We had time to wander the beachfront promenade, have a coffee and buy some groceries before deciding to eat dinner.

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