All quiet in the North Sea

Captains log Fri 22 Jun 2018 07:30 UTC

I haven’t had that much time to sit down and think since our Croatian adventure. Juggling between work and hobbies added with preparations for our next trip has kept me very busy.

This is our next adventure. 1200 NM from St Helier, Jersey to Porvoo, Finland.


This just the rough plan that hardly takes wind or tidal currents into consideration.

Plans are nothing, planning is everything. Supposedly General Eisenhower said this. I quite agree. If you’ve done your planning well, you can change them when something unexpected comes your way. And on a trip this long, something might pop up.

I’ve been spending my time on recruiting crew members, tidal studies, weather forecasts, route planning, getting charts and trying to wonder what six people might want to and how much to eat. Most of the pieces are falling in their correct places. That’s a good thing since we’ll be leaving for Jersey on Sunday morning.

Monday morning will be spent checking out the boat thoroughly. Weather permitting, we’ll go out for a test spin in the afternoon. Tuesday is for some provisioning, maybe some sightseeing and picking up one crew member. On Wednesday morning we’ll head off towards Brighton, UK to finish off some VAT paperwork and picking up the rest of the crew, including the new owner of the boat.

The plan is to leave Brighton on Sunday 1st of July. We’re planning to visit Dover, Den Helder, Helgoland, Cuxhaven, Kiel, Bornholm, and Gotland before hitting the Finnish coast two to three weeks after leaving Brighton.

I hope I won’t be too tired to post updates when we hit marinas, hopefully with wifi.

Looking for fair winds and following seas.

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