Captains log 05 Jul 2018 1400 UTC

The crew is quite magical. The skipper gave a time for departure, and lines were cast at the given time, breakfast eaten and teeth brushed.

The harbourmaster gave me a tip yesterday about going through the Molengat and so we saved several hours. At first I was a little bit apprehensive since the wind was NW which is apparently not good. Light winds don’t matter, so off we went.

As soon as we got past Molengat we hoisted the sails. We made a couple of tacks in the light wind just to remind us of what it’s like. Now the sails are set and we’re just trying to trim for optimum speed. Next tack shouldn’t be till in the Baltic Sea.

We’re running so close to the coast that at times we even have mobile connection. More internet time….

At the moment everything is looking superb. At this rate we’ll be in Cuxhaven before lunch tomorrow. That gives us plenty of time to stock up and prepare for the Kiel Canal and an early rise.

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