Captain log 11 Jul 2018 1400 UTC

I woke up early after a good nights sleep and went for a “Wallander” walk in the quiet quaint town. Hardly anyone was about, and only the first few market vendors were putting up their stalls. An in-depth story about this later on.

Obviously I had to get some breakfast goodies from one of the cafés frequented by Wallander. After breakfast it was hard just waiting for the mechanic to call. So instead we started doing what we could. No one wanted to go for a dive in the cold harbour water, so we resorted to different methods of trying to scrub the area around the water intake. There was no problem, since we knew that water ran out very well. Then I opened the impeller lid, without closing the water intake. And water kept sprouting until I turned the valve off. So now we knew that water came easily all the way to the impeller.

The next step was to turn on the engine and see if the impeller turned. No problem there, and the water sprouted everywhere. I screwed the lid back on, and turned on the engine again. This time we let it run for over five minutes, and just as we tuned the engine off, the guy on the neighbouring boat saw a small water sprout coming out. What joy! We immediately turned the engine back on and let it run. Great waterworks, and we had fixed the problem.

As I called the mechanic, he was happy to hear our problem was solved. He wouldn’t have been able to come before tomorrow anyway. So now we’re fixing on a 2100 UTC departure. Why so late? Well, yesterday, when I didn’t know what would happen, I decided to ask my cousin to come around. She’ll be here around 1500 UTC and we’ll mingle for a while before setting off.

Northerly winds ahead, so we will see where we end up. The next leg will probably be to the southern tip of Öland where we’ll take a break and decide if the next stop will be somewhere around Ventspils, Latvia or Sandhamn, Sweden.

Looking great, and eager to cast off.

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