Ystad, a city of murders

Just like the quaint small village of St. Mary Mead, Midsomer county, Jersey and Sandhamn, Ystad is plagued by murders. Henning Mankells’ Swedish detective Kurt Wallander solves the most fascinating and gruesome crimes in this quiet town in southern Sweden.

In the eerie morning light of this otherwise beautiful July day, I set off on my Wallander tour. Only sanitation workers and a couple of market stall salesmen preparing for the day were out, creating an even more ominous aura over the quiet city center. Was I an unsuspicious tourist looking for trouble by following the footsteps of this depressed and disillusioned hero?

What I found was quite different. This is a beautiful small town, with a history spanning a thousand years, literally.

Let’s start with The Wallander walk.


Later on in the afternoon, we went for a stroll and some lunch. On a sunny summer day, the town center was vibrant with action and visitors.

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