Trondheim, Norway

Last summer, the youngest member of the family decided to move to Trondheim, Norway and study at the renowned NTNU university. It was time for dad to pay him a visit. Obviously Big Sister wanted to tag along, since daddy was paying.

We set off early on Friday morning and a mere six hours after leaving home, we had already checked in at our hotel in Trondheim. Since the young university student had missed out on some lab practices because of a “networking” trip, he had to make up for it on the day of our arrival. We knew he also had a “compulsory” party this evening, so after a short rendezvous and tax-free drop-off we were left by ourselves to find action in a cold and windy town for the remainder of the day.

Trondheim city centre is not that big, so we took in some sights quickly, without entering a single venue. Those are planned for Saturday and Sunday when we’re all together. It also gave us some dad-daughter time.

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